Rochester Waterproofing

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Welcome to Rochester Waterproofing

We are the premier providers of waterproofing, masonry services, drainage systems and basement renovations.

Our goal is to provide quality products and competitive pricing. Our offerings include:

  • 100% Lifetime Warranty
  • “By the foot pricing” that can't be beat!
  • Moldy basement walls waterproofed bright white starting at $750
  • Complete basement waterproofing with sump pump only $30 per linear foot
  • Quality workmanship by a certified mason, licensed in New York State since 1989
  • Rochester Waterproofing prides itself on referral work and believes that providing quality services and products is the most important key to our success. Our estimators are also our certified contractors, which provides our customers with peace of mind.

Have you had another estimate from a waterproofing company and they told you:

  1. Both husband and wife must be present for your estimate
  2. Let me call my boss to see if we can lower the price
  3. If we put you on a waiting list we can discount your job
  4. They had a cancellation and extra materials
  5. They said if you don't waterproof outside my home it will never be dry
  6. They said cracks in your basement walls and floors are due to water or foundation damage
  7. If you seal your basements walls they'll crumble
  8. Your home is unsafe
  9. They said you have a dangerous amount of mold
  10. They quoted you a price over $5,000

If you're buying or selling your home, you should get the basement inspected by Rochester Waterproofing. Home inspectors don't understand waterproofing and often miss water problems. All we do is waterproofing!

Also there are plenty of other waterproofing companies that do FREE ESTIMATES (their free estimates are for $10.000 or even $20.000.) We never try to sell you fancy outside waterproofing systems for BIG money. Sometimes people just want their ugly basement walls sealed bright white. We are the first to offer up front prices. You see, we have it down to a science. Nobody beats our prices!

WARNING - if you have an estimate from another waterproofing company, ESPECIALLY a remodeling contractor, make sure to ask them what type of pipe they will be installing. Those NEW STYEL fancy grate systems are shortcuts and are installed in a shallow trench. That means they only need to do half the labor to install them. Our 4-inch PVC pipe is installed one foot deep with a 20% pitch. In other words, Rochester Waterproofing digs deep, thus lowering the water table over a foot below your basement floor. Remember - never hire a remodeling contractor for waterproofing - hire a specialist, Rochester Waterproofing.

They Just Won't Stop Calling!

Rochester Waterproofing