About Rochester Waterproofing

At Rochester Waterproofing, our basement specialists have over 20 years of experience serving Rochester and Monroe County, NY. It is our mission to continue servicing our customers with knowledgeable certified estimators and contractors, who understand our customer’s needs and work to provide a quality solution.

We believe the best way to achieve this goal is to provide timely service, affordable pricing, and certified contract work.

How Do We Compare?

To some, claiming to be in the waterproofing business can equal big money. Some contractors will say anything to get your money. Not Us!

Oftentimes our customers are looking for a simple solution that provides lasting results and is also economical. Our certified basement specialists can provide a solution for your budget!

We will go over all the information with you, such as the type of drainpipe, filters, and stone to be used. Many times it is not necessary to dig around the foundation of your home, which will save you money!

Owner Lou Machado

“I dare to be upfront and brutally honest!”

Lou Machado portrait

Lou Machado is a certified mason, licensed in New York State since 1989. He started Rochester Waterproofing, a family owned business, in 1998. With his team of specialists he has been working on over 200 basement waterproofing jobs in the greatest Rochester area. He can provide many references about the quality of his company’s work.

Contact him now to discuss your needs and to receive a free estimate.