The Right Waterproofing Grate System

A warning: if you have an estimate from another waterproofing company, especially a remodeling contractor, make sure to ask them what type of drainage system and pipe they will be installing.

To save on labor cost and materials, some contractors install a drainage system that is nothing more then a plastic gutter installed four inches below the basement floor. It moves water, but cannot move large amounts of water quickly. It fills up fast and often overflows on the basement floor. Also they cannot be pitched properly to the sump pump basin because they are so shallow.

Our 4-inch PVC pipe is installed one foot deep with a 20% pitch. In other words, Rochester Waterproofing digs deep, thus lowering the water table over a foot below your basement floor.

Remember—never hire a remodeling contractor for waterproofing. Hire a specialist such as Rochester Waterproofing.