Professional Foundation & Basement Waterproofing in Rochester, NY

Our foundation and basement specialists have over 20 years of experience serving Monroe County, NY.


I am a scientist for Eastman Kodak. We had our house built and the builder used a black plastic drainpipe which clogged in only two years. Our warranty was over and we had gotten a previous estimate and were told we needed to spend over $10,000. Rochester Waterproofing saved us thousands and we are grateful.

Rama and Geerda, Penfield NY

We were selling our house and didn’t want to give a bad impression. We had gotten several estimates and decided to go with Rochester Waterproofing. We are glad we did as we saved money and sold our home with confidence. Thank you Rochester Waterproofing.

Mary Ann and Lawrence Thayer

We were told by a waterproofing company that we must take down all our finished basement dry wall in order to have a dry basement. The cost was overwhelming, so we decided to get another estimate. Rochester Waterproofing saved us a lot of money, thanks guys.

Debbie W., Pittsford NY

We were told by another waterproofing contractor that we must dig around the outside of our home and dig up my garden around my whole house or our basement would never be dry. So we decided to get another estimate from Rochester Waterproofing. Our basement is still dry as a bone and for half the cost! Thank you Rochester Waterproofing.

Anthony and Barbara G., Highland Ave